Investing with The Share Centre

To buy shares in any of the investment trusts discussed in this website you need to have an account with a share dealing service.

There are lots of them out there, but to keep things simple we’ve teamed up with The Share Centre who have a long track record in helping first time investors buy shares, funds, exchange traded funds and, of course, investment trusts.

For over 25 years, The Share Centre’s reputation for plain speaking, fair value and quality research has ensured their place as one of the UK’s leading retail stockbrokers with more than 265,000 customers.

The Share Centre offer a range of account types including a standard share dealing account, a Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) and a range of ISAs.

You can find out more about The Share Centre by clicking the link below, or go straight to their application process and open an account.

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Legal stuff: There is no commercial relationship between Steps to Investing and The Share Centre, and we don’t share any of your personal data. You can buy investment trusts shares at a wide variety of share dealing services and you should satisfy yourself that any service you use meets your needs.

Investing carries a risk and you may lose money. You should be comfortable with these risks before investing. See Step 2 for more information on risk, if you haven’t already.