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What's in this Step?

Understand exactly the difference between saving your money and investing it. Step 1 is the very beginning and we will help you understand the pros and cons of saving and investment, ways of doing both, and the key concepts of inflation and interest rates.


What's in this Step?

Understand the key risks with investing and how to manage them. Step 2 will help you with a tricky topic: risk. All investing carries risks, where are essential if you want to make a return. Find out why, and the simple ways to manage them properly.

What's in this Step?

Understand exactly what you want to get from investing. Step 3 is to help you clarify your financial goals: perhaps you want to plan for retirement, save for a house, or build a nest egg for your children.

What's in this Step?

Understand the different types of investments in the market. Step 4 explains the options you have, and how they differ. We also look at fees, and the impact they can have on your returns.

What's in this Step?

Understand how to optimise your investment portfolio, and seek-out fresh investment ideas. Step 5 looks at how to make your investment strategy as good as it can be. When is the right time to sell, for example, or what happens when your financial goals change.

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Once you’re ready to dip your toe in the market, we discuss and review all kinds of investments in our weekly podcasts, covering everything from funds, and investment trusts through to trackers. Everything is designed to offer help, hints and ideas for the inexperienced investor. 

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