The difference between saving and investing

A good place to start – what’s the difference between saving and investing? These terms are often confused but, in truth, they are miles apart. Here, we explore what those differences are, and their importance.

Before starting investing

Before making your first investment, there’s some important stuff you need to know. This section covers all the prep to get you in the best position to get investing.

Savings & insurance products

Savings are an essential element to your finances and should be considered before investing. But what’s the best way to go about saving your money, and what are the different products out there?

The case for investing

Why is investing a good idea? And what sort of returns can I expect?

Life stories

A range of investors talk about their experiences, including some highlights from the Steps to Investing YouTube show.

Jargon busters for this Step

The key bits of (unavoidable!) jargon used in this Step, busted!

Topics that we cover in steps 1
  • The difference between saving and investing
  • Before starting investing
  • Savings & insurance products
  • How does investing work?
  • The case for investing
  • Life stories
  • Jargon busters for this Step

Explore the options

No matter what type of investing account or service you’re looking for, our jargon-free reviews are here to help you choose.

Ready for step 2?

Understand the key risks with investing and how to manage them. Step 2 will help you with a tricky topic: risk. All investing carries risks, where are essential if you want to make a return. Find out why, and the simple ways to manage them properly.