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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there support for beginner investors?

At Steps to Investing we have tons of content to help you learn investing. There’s our seven-day email-based course, where each day we send you a short article with links to various blogs and animations that explain how the world of investing works: assets, markets, financial goals, funds, share dealing, and much more! Click here to sign-up.

We also have our ‘Steps’ if you want to look through the full range of our content. In addition, there’s sections for all of our videos, including explainers, short jargon busters, investor testimonials, professional fund manager interviews, and FAQs. We have our fortnightly podcast, updating investors on markets and companies and including an interview with a professional from the world of investing. And we have a weekly blog, with articles from our journalists and our partners on topics including investing strategy, investing ideas, retirement & pensions, industry news, and stocks & trading. Please email us if you have any questions.

Is there a free investment platform strategy?

Some platforms will talk about free elements of their service, and some are indeed very cheap, but no service is completely free of charges.

Can I alternate between different investment styles for DIY, DIWM, DIFM?

You can open accounts with different styles of provider if you wish and you are allowed to open multiple types of accounts too, although there will be annual and lifetime allowances for SIPPs, and annual allowances for ISAs, of which you will also be unable to open more than one in a single tax year.