Understanding how stock markets work

Why we invest, and managing the risks involved: investing versus saving, stock market risk vs reward, what stocks and bonds and other financial assets are, and how funds and collectives work.

Developing an investment plan

Setting financial goals, timeframes and investments: preparing for investing, forming an investment plan, thinking about the goals we want to achieve, and investing in appropriate assets.

Choosing the best providers and investments

Selecting the right investing services and funds for your goals: which investing platform features are important, deciding on ISAs and SIPPs, and evaluating investments and selecting the highest quality.

Want to start investing?

The Steps 7-day course is an easy, quickfire way to getting investing in the markets. Just sign up and we’ll pop a 15-minute email into your inbox each day. It covers all the basics, from what assets and investment risk are, how markets work, setting financial goals and creating an investment plan, selecting an investing platform, using funds and making investments, to keeping an eye on your portfolio performance and the latest investing opportunities.

Who we are

The company was formed in 2019, having begun life at Janus Henderson Investors, its former owners. Its purpose since conception has been to help ordinary, everyday people cut through financial jargon and understand investing to empower them to invest for a better financial future.

The team at Steps to Investing is headed by Simon Longfellow and Marcus de Silva, industry experts with more than 30 years of experience between them. It means we understand investing, and want to spread the word that it’s easier and more accessible than you think.