Choosing an investment

There are literally thousands of investments to choose from. Here we look at some ways to help you choose an investment.

Investment types

There are quite a few different types of investment out there, making it hard to choose what’s best suited to your needs. We explain the key investment types.

Tax structures

Tax may not be the most interesting topic on the planet, but it really matters when it comes investing as it can impact your returns enormously. In this section we explain the key tax shelters, including the all important SIPPs and ISAs.

Making an investment

One of the questions we get asked a lot is how to actually make an investment, once you’ve chosen which ones are right for you. In this secton we explain the key way to access investments: through digital investment platforms.

Costs and charges

There’s no getting away from the fact that investing comes with fees, with some investments costing more than others. We explain what they are and why there are differences.


What does a financial adviser actually do? When might it be appropriate to take advice?

Life stories

A range of investors talk about their different investment experiences, including professional fund managers.

Topics that we cover in Steps 4
  • Choosing an investment
  • Investment types
  • Tax structures
  • Making an investment
  • Costs and charges
  • DIY or IFA?
  • Life stories
  • Key concepts

Explore the options

No matter what type of investing account or service you’re looking for, our jargon-free reviews are here to help you choose.

Ready for Step 5?

Understand how to optimise your investment portfolio, and seek-out fresh investment ideas. Step 5 looks at how to make your investment strategy as good as it can be. When is the right time to sell, for example, or what happens when your financial goals change.