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Can investing be a hobby?

What makes investing a hobby and what should a good investor be thinking about?

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You’ll often see phones coming with a pre installed stocks app designed to intrigue the inquiring mind as to how their investments are doing. But this can actually have an adverse effect on your ability to make rational decisions when you see one of your stocks in the red.

A good investor should be thinking with long term goals in mind. This means creating a diverse portfolio of investments that will help level out any of the dips and keep your investment moving in the right direction. Investing in a fund or an investment trust is a great way of accomplishing this as a fund manager or team will do a lot of the in-depth research to make sure there’s balance and longevity in the fund.

Using one of these means you can check in with your investments a lot less frequently every three to six months is what’s recommended. If you want to learn more about investing sign up to our newsletter and subscribe to our YouTube channel.