About Steps to Investing

If you’re new to investing, this website is for you. And if you’re an existing inexperienced investor looking to improve your skills and knowledge, you might find some useful information too.

Steps to Investing is an independent company set up to help people get started on their own investment journeys. 

Our service offers you:

  • a clear and comprehensive explanation of the investment process, from start to finish
  • lots of short videos with clear jargon-free explanations
  • a full understanding of what’s available in the market to help you choose what’s right for you
  • ways of enhancing your investment strategy

Steps to Investing was created by Simon Longfellow and Marcus de Silva who have over 30 years working in financial services. We started out knowing little or nothing about investing, and have learned a lot over the years, much of which has helped but Steps to Investing together.

All investing carries a risk to your money. We have built this site specifically to look in depth at risk and how to approach it.

We don’t offer financial advice, so if you’re looking for personal investment recommendations based on your own specific circumstances, you should speak to an Independent Financial Adviser.

This site is for information and education only – you cannot buy investments through us, and we do not recommend specific investments. We are all about helping you make the best, informed decisions for yourself.

We are supported by advertising, sponsorship and by some platforms and partners who pay us a fee if you use their services.