The Steps to Investing Podcast is all about helping everyday people get to grips with the world of investing, build wealth and be free. Every week, we chat through what’s been driving financial markets, which companies have been most talked about in the news, and then delve into an investment strategy with example funds in our regular section, The Big Investment.

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SERIES 2, EPISODE 4  |  23 October 2020

Investment trusts with the AIC’s Annabel Brodie-Smith

This week we take a deep dive into the niche world of investment trusts with communications director Annabel Brodie Smith of the Association of Investment Companies (AIC), to discuss the unique features of the oldest investment vehicles in the world. We also hear: in markets, the latest drama to come out of Congress, and which giant company is about to grace Eastern stock markets for the first time, setting a record; and in companies, which supermarkets are cutting costs for Christmas, and how Royal Mail is innovating the way we post – implementing the biggest changes we’ve seen since 1852.



SERIES 2, EPISODE 3  |  16 October 2020

Exclusive interview with Dan Giddings of investment platform Wealthify

In markets, we look to the switch in investor appetite in the US, as well as why going ‘ex-dividend’ is affecting certain UK stocks; in companies, we hear how cinemas are faring amid waning audience numbers, and the new features video meeting platform Zoom is bringing in to capitalise on a big year for the company; and finish with Steps’ interview with Wealthify’s head of business development Dan Giddings, as he discusses the ‘robo-investor’ and what it’s trying to do for its clients.


SERIES 2, EPISODE 2  | 9 October 2020

How to choose a fund with Faith Archer

This week we uncover how President Donald Trump has been causing big price swings across markets globally as the US election draws near; we hear what the chief of Tesco had to say about the company’s trading, and look at how EasyJet has fared amid a dismal holiday season for travel; in our interview, we speak to experienced personal finance journalist Faith Archer on some of the crucial features to look at when it comes to selecting funds for your portfolio; and finish with our take on the conversation.


SERIES 2, EPISODE 1  |  2 October 2020

How to invest in election chaos, and a new Guide out now

Welcome to season 2 of the Steps to Investing Podcast – bringing you news, tips and hints to keep you up to date with the markets and brimming with investing ideas. This week, we take a look at September in the markets and ask why after a relaxing summer break, all fund managers want to do is sell, sell, sell; in companies, we see what pearls of wisdom Nike has to offer in the consumer shift to online, and why Rolls Royce has been turning its hat to shareholders to ask for more money; and in The Big Investment, we look to election chaos in the US and ask what impact this will have on markets globally, and how to invest around it.

Sign-up to our NEW, FREE 7-DAY QUICK-COURSE to learn more about investing. Also out – our NEW, STEPS TO INVESTING GUIDE: giving you tips on preparing for investing and choosing a fund, investment ideas that consider the short-term risks and also long-term opportunities, and deep-dive into the problems with capitalism today and a new model that is emerging to save us.

EPISODE 30 |  11 September 2020

Is inflation coming, and how can we profit from it?

In markets, we look to the tech stars upsetting US markets, and what European investors are hoping for from Christine Lagarde; in companies, we look to jewellery that lost its lustre, and which company stock market floatation ‘Golden Balls’ is behind; finishing with The Big Investment, and a look to inflation that threatens on the horizon and how as private investors we might profit from it.

EPISODE 29  |  4 September 2020

Toys bucking the trend, and the growth-to-value snapback

In markets we explore how a press conference of the powerful is leading shares ever higher, and what economic trinkets the French have announced; in companies we look at who’s raising money for cybertrucks, and the soaring profits a Danish firm is building, brick by brick; finishing with The Big Investment, and why the switch from investing in growth stocks to value stocks might be savvy over the long term.

EPISODE 28  |  28 August 2020

A central banker tete-a-tete, and a relic for your portfolio: Gold

In markets, we look at what new monetary policies might excite at the central banker Jackson Hole symposium, and a storm that’s blowing through the oil industry; in companies, we find out about an Ant that’s about to float on the stock markets, and a Russian mining group that has stolen the FTSE-100 show this year; finishing with The Big Investment and a delve into one of the most ancient of precious metals: gold.

EPISODE 27  |  21 August 2020

A new high, a giant apple, and crowdfunding: the complete guide

In the pod this week, markets hit new highs, a 2 trillion dollar apple, and a warning from the discounter. Plus, in ‘The Big Investment’, we examine crowdfunding – small investors, smaller businesses, but potential for big wins, and definitely big risks.

EPISODE 26  |  14 August 2020

Food glorious food, the UK plummets, and robots to help you invest

Marcus kicks-off with some grisly UK data that leaves Chancellor Sunak with some explaining to do, and what disagreements on Capitol Hill are delaying a vital second round of US stimulus; Simon takes a look at a food app breaking its own records, and a pizza company shining a light on eat out to help out; rounding-off with The Big Investment and the robots that get you from account opening to investing in lightening-quick time. 

EPISODE 25  |  7 August 2020

The Banks’ sobering view, a tough time for Chinese apps, and investing for credit income

In markets this week, Marcus looks at which juicy package details investors are eagerly awaiting from Congress, and why the Bank of England thinks our interest rates are best kept as they are; in companies, Simon discusses a grim story that puts disgraced fintech group Wirecard back in the press again, as well as the screws US President Donald Trump is turning on Chinese apps; finishing with The Big Investment and a focus on credit as a potential source of income.

EPISODE 24  |  31 July 2020

The Fed extends cheap money, a new way to shop, and government bonds

The market soap opera continues this week with a glance at how some dreary data from Europe is overshadowing positive moves from the Fed; in companies we see which Spanish bank has made a historical announcement, and an eCommerce platform that is knocking eBay to one side; finishing with The Big Investment, and a zoom into the world of government bonds and why they can be a ballast for your portfolio.

EPISODE 23 |  24 July 2020

PMI data cheers on Europe, and investing in ‘private equity’

Marcus and Simon explore the reasons behind a dip in markets in the back-end of this week, a ray of hope for Europe, a burrito brand that baulked, a DIY bonanza; and in The Big Investment, private equity and how to access it for your portfolio.

EPISODE 22  |  16 July 2020

A pizza maker at risk of being gobbled up, and ‘alternatives’ for your portfolio

Simon and Marcus take a look at why Chinese stocks have taken a tumble this week, which vaccines have been driving markets, a pizza maker beholden to its creditors, the planes set to remain in the sky; and in The Big Investment we continue our look at alternatives, and some of its weird and wonderful assets.

EPISODE 21 |  10 July 2020

A state endorsed rally, and ‘absolute return’ funds

This week Marcus and Simon look at which country is frothing up its stock market, which sector has been boosted by UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak, a tailor that no longer suits, some bumper profits for a German logistics giant; and in The Big Investment, what absolute return fund managers are trying to do for their investors.

EPISODE 20  |  3 July 2020

The government claps back, a star implodes, and a niche in ‘active’ investing

Which vaccine is exciting markets, who the Brits are raging at, a company stashing billions of euros behind the sofa, which carmaker has just received a gold medal, and life beyond furlough. In The Big Investment this week we look at a niche of the active funds space: investment trusts.

EPISODE 19  |  25 June 2020

Grumpy markets, the end of an 84-year old brand and ‘active’ investing

This week Simon and Marcus take a look at which US states are causing Coronavirus worries, the vaccines the market bulls are looking at, why Facebook is in the news again, and the death of an 84-year old brand; finishing with The Big Investment and a focus on fund management’s thunderous incumbent: actively managed portfolios.

EPISODE 18  |  18 June 2020

Markets addicted to policy response, and the unstoppable rise of ‘passive’ investing

In the pod this week, Marcus describes markets as a game of two halves, looking at Covid-19 worries, tense borders, and Bank of England policy decisions; Simon rounds-up company news, with ongoing bank troubles and a slow take-up of pre-heated sausage rolls; finishing with a deep-dive into passive investing and why it could be good for your portfolio in The Big Investment.

EPISODE 17  |  12 June 2020

Market moves despite the Fed, and sustainable investing for your portfolio

In a slightly revamped format, Simon and Marcus take a look at what’s driving markets with grim forecasts from the Fed and the OECD, which companies have hit the news with Ocado looking to capitalise further on shifting trends off the back of Covid-19, as well as a more detailed The Big Investment, as we delve into hot investment style ESG investing and how to access it.

EPISODE 16  |  5 June 2020

Where next for globalisation, a dividend ban defied, and investing in the UK

A brief look at why one company is breaking the dividend ban, some positive news for the auto industry, what effect investors are still feeling from Woodford Investment Management’s implosion, and where globalisation is left in the wake of Covid-19; finishing with The Big Investment and investing in FTSE-100 UK companies.

EPISODE 15  |  28 May 2020

Which hedge fund loses faith in Warren Buffett? And how to do multi-asset investing

The car brands in convoy to survive, two investing champs part ways, the tech titans on a shopping spree, a top tip from a leading UK fund manager; rounding-off with The Big Investment and multi-asset investing. Subscribe to get the latest.

EPISODE 14  |  21 May 2020

Supermarkets do supreme court battle, and what strategic bonds can do for you

Simon and Marcus look at which supermarkets have sorted a little tax problem, what long-suffering M&S is doing about onerous rents, new rules for government bail-outs that could protect firm reputations, a secret fund launch that broadens Lindsell Train’s appeal, and a sophisticated scam and how to avoid them; finishing with The Big Investment and why strategic bond funds could be a balancing force in your portfolio right now.

EPISODE 13  |  14 May 2020

A perplexing acronym, and who Elon is quarrelling with

Simon and Marcus discuss which new acronym is ridiculous, a hotel having a tough time, why Elon Musk is picking fights with authorities and a confident signal from Toyota. They end with The Big Investment and a look at the UK’s smaller company sector with three fund picks.

EPISODE 12  |  8 May 2020

Not so precious silver; the empire builder at it again; global funds in the spotlight

A chat through what’s happening in the UK’s gig economy; the diverging paths of gold and silver; Disney’s unhappy irony; what the world’s most active dealmaker John Malone has been up to (again); and finishing with a focus on global equity funds.

EPISODE 11  |  30 April 2020

The UK high street, Blackrock, and value investing

Simon and Marcus chat through how Next and Dixons Carphone are coping with the impact of Coronavirus; an announcement from Shell that breaks a very long trend; gigantic asset manager BlackRock’s growing influence; and focus on value investing with three fund picks in The Big Investment. 

EPISODE 10  |  24 April 2020

Lobster restaurants, Netflix and which funds pick great brands

Marcus and Simon discuss the specific pressures that pushed the oil market into negative territory, an enterprising restaurant chain, the news in food apps,  how exactly consumers are using Netflix during Corona; and we finish with some investment funds that use an investment strategy known as ‘quality growth’.

EPISODE 9  |  17 April 2020

Which stocks are winning during the Coronavirus clampdown?

Marcus and Simon take to some optimism in this week’s show! Which stocks and sectors have avoided a Coronavirus wrong-footing? We find out from Adrian Lowcock of broker Willis Owen. Plus, The Big Investment focuses on the thunderously sized stock market that is the US.

EPISODE 8  |  9 April 2020

What happened to UK dividends?

This week, Simon and Marcus take a look at the bleak outlook for UK dividends and comfort themselves with a well-known brand that bucks the trend, they discuss recent announcements from the Bank of England and how they plan to help finance the government, as well as take a quick dive the specialist world of quant hedge funds. Finally they introduce a new section in the show that aims to take a look at a particular area of the market and discuss some fund ideas: this week, Europe.

EPISODE 7  |  2 April 2020

A glance at the tax year end

This week Simon and Marcus take a look at why the tax year end is important, focusing on the Individual Savings Account – the ISA – as well as some hints and tips for tax planning. 

EPISODE 6  |  27 March 2020

British business steps up for the NHS

As Simon and Marcus take heed of Coronavirus safety calls and socially distance themselves to record this latest MiniCast, they take a look at businesses striving to help-out with Coronavirus as well as the impact the virus is having on dividends; and Simon forces one eye-open to peak at his pension portfolio and assess the damage.

EPISODE 5 |  20 March 2020

Investing in the UK’s biggest firms

Simon and Marcus give their take on the news-flow amid a Coronavirus-induced market panic, bringing key stories from markets, economics, companies, and the funds industry; as well as Marcus’ Big Interview this week with Job Curtis – an investor the UK’s big FTSE-100 firms; followed by Simon’s analysis for those looking to invest.

EPISODE 4  |  12 March 2020

The UK budget has some giveaways for investors

In the latest of Steps to Investing’s ‘snackable’ finance podcast series – The Steps MiniCast – Simon and Marcus discuss whether the UK’s new Chancellor’s budget has anything juicy for investors, how the Bank of England is responding to the dreaded ‘C’-word, and what Simon is doing with his pension amid slightly chaotic scenes across markets. Every month we release a full interview with an investment professional, and next week it’s all about FTSE-100 companies.

EPISODE 3  |  6 March 2020

The Coronavirus saga continues…

This week we focus on the impact of coronavirus, with Marcus on the latest in markets and a particular company that has been squeezed by the associated drop in demand, as well as Simon on the impact in his SIPP.

EPISODE 2  |  27 February 2020

How is Coronavirus affecting stock markets?

This week it’s Coronavirus’ impact on markets and how Simon is approaching his portfolio, as well as ‘Junk Bond King’ Michael Milken and what Ikea has changed about its meatballs.

EPISODE 1  |  20 February 2020

The brand spanking new Steps to Investing podcast

We introduce ourselves and the show, and talk about how we started investing for ourselves. Plus all the week’s news.